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Comment paramétrer les espaces dans InDesign

Le contrôle des espaces (chasse, justification, etc.) est le lieu d'une divergence historique entre XPress et InDesign. Tandis qu'InDesign propose une douzaine d'espaces distinctes qui semblent emprisonnées dans leur sémantique Unicode, XPress a souvent été considéré comme un outil plus flexible du fait qu'il ouvre à l'utilisateur le pouvoir de définir lui-même les valeurs d'espacement et les plages de variation dont il a besoin. Cependant, le déficit d'InDesign n'est pas aussi définitif qu'il y paraît…

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So What's New in InDesign CS5.5 Scripting DOM

The interesting thing about tracking Scripting DOM changes from InDesign CS5 to InDesign CS5.5 is that this instantly reveals the main innovations of this ‘mid-cycle’ release —so that scripters can easily focus on the freshest features. The below PDFs offer you in a snap the tip of the iceberg: the new Article component and a bunch of new export options (HTMLExportPreference, EPubExportPreference, StyleExportTagMap, ObjectExportOption) that indicate the much greater integration of InDesign EPUB and digital publishing capabilities. Enjoy!

Download “What's New in InDesign CS5.5 Scripting | Object Members” (PDF)

Download “What's New in InDesign CS5.5 Scripting | Enumerators” (PDF)

• See also: “So What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting DOM”

So What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting DOM

Download “What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting | Object Members” (PDF)

Download “What's New in InDesign CS5 Scripting | Enumerators” (PDF)

50 InDesign Scripts and Tools for End Users

What's in my Twitter bag from the last eight months? A lot of links, of course! The below selection only focuses on some of them —not necessarily the most popular ones, but preferably the ones you may have missed.

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Indiscripts 1st Anniversary: 25% Special Discount! 1st AnniversaryTwelve months have passed since the publication of the first article on this website. Thanks to you visitors, bloggers, Twitter subscribers, script users and developers, gradually becomes a place to share and discover the most productive scripts for Adobe InDesign. Well, now to the gift! From today until June 6, Indiscripts offers a special 25% discount on BookBarcode and Wordalizer PRO versions. All you need to do is just fill in the order form until next sunday. Enjoy!

Comment soigner les orphelins de fin de paragraphe

Pour des raisons que j'aurais du mal à appuyer sur des bases orthotypographiques solides, j'éprouve de l'empathie pour les mots isolés. Quand InDesign décide — fût-ce avec les meilleurs arguments du monde — de rejeter à la ligne le dernier terme d'un paragraphe, une sorte de frisson communautaire me saisit. Par des moyens pas toujours avouables, je tente alors de raccrocher le wagon à son prédécesseur, quitte à lui antéposer manuellement une espace insécable justifiante. Beurk ! Et si l'on appelait les « Styles Grep » à la rescousse...

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Indiscripts Top 80 Autumn Links

Top 80 LinksAs a present for Christmas, here is a compilation of the greatest links we've tweeted during those last 3 months. An overwhelming majority regards InDesign scripting, plug-ins, GREP and/or JavaScript resources for ‘InDevelopers’.

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Indiscripts Temporary Archives

Some scripts we designed in the past for InDesign CS/CS2/CS3 are no longer available or maintained. But, from time to time we still receive queries for these old files—such as IndexBrutal, IndexMatic, Claquos, Equalizer, HurryCover, BookBarcodeCS3… Here is a special repository dedicated to frustrated users.

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Switching InDesign's UI Language (in Windows)

In a recent post, David Blatner (InDesignSecrets) offered us a free Mac OS application for InDesign to be displayed in various languages. Amazing tool for experiencing the user interface as translated for other countries. Fortunately Windows users can switch the UI too, by means of the Windows Registry.

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« Grep et InDesign CS3/CS4 »

« Grep et InDesign CS3/CS4 », par Laurent Tournier, à paraître chez Dunod

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Introducing InDesign Column Rules

Rules between columns are so usual —in newspapers, in technical books...— that nobody could explain why InDesign does not yet provide this functionnality. That's a big mystery. Layout designers have anchored objets, Grep styles, conditional texts and so much great tools improved by leaps and bounds, but vertical column rules, please? “Move along now, there's nothing to see!”

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Grep Style Gradual Stretch

Is it possible to automatically stretch a text according to its length? The question is simple and the answer is not that complex, thanks to the InDesign Grep Styles.

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