Mini-scripts and short re-usable samples.

Take a Walk on the Timeline

When he was working on the terrific Ibsen's “Brand” eBook, Klaus Nordby asked me for a little gadget to finish off the building of his work. He needed a “page-timeline-indicator” graphic at the bottom, which visualizes the exact place the reader is currently reading. So what the book designer wanted for Christmas (or before!) was a neat InDesign script which automatically calculates such a timeline walker and shows the input. Let us see how Klaus' prayer has been answered...

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Web Color Picker

InDesign is definitely not a solution for web designers. For example, look at the Swatches panel, isn't it the worst tool to select or create “web colors” in the #rrggbb hexadecimal format? Fortunately, the ScriptUI elements bring a way to build our own “Web Color Picker”, interacting with the swatches.

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