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IndexMatic 2 | Frequently Asked Questions [UPDATE]

IndexMatic (JS Script for InDesign)IndexMatic 2 is without doubt one of the most advanced word indexing scripts ever available to publishers, authors, book designers who use InDesign (CS3, CS4, and CS5+). There are many ways to configure, refine and handle its features. Users gradually discover that what they thought was impossible is, in fact, definitely within scope of the product. The purpose of this page is to boost your learning curve through concrete Q&A.

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Indiscripts Temporary Archives

Because of an important migration process, several scripts designed for InDesign CS/CS2/CS3 can't be downloaded any more from my original website. Since updates should be available here soon, I strongly advise you to wait for the future releases. However, many visitors already emailed to request the old files of IndexBrutal, IndexMatic, Claquos, Equalizer, HurryCover... To avoid frustrating the archivists, here is a repository.

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