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InDesign Swatches: Diagram

DOM Swatches: properties and relationships.

AutoStick | Simple Diagrams Made Easy

Duplicate and Link Text Frames by just typing magic keys.

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Wordalizer 1.5 BETA [OBSOLETE]

For a few days the beta version of Wordalizer 1.5 for InDesign CS4/CS5/CS6/CC was downloadable for free. This offer is now obsolete.

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StyLighter 1.4 for InDesign CS4/CS5/CS6/CC

StyLighter for InDesign CS4/CS5/CS6/CC) Seeing is believing! StyLighter 1.4 is out and should now support InDesign CC on both Mac and Windows platforms. As already explained here this script is entirely based on a 'deep hook,' it takes advantage of an aborted functionality which Adobe has never even officially mentioned. But that great hidden feature is somewhat fossilized in the bowels of InDesign and still seems to work fine in CC (albeit with some limitations). Thanks to this, StyLighter allows you to easily visualize how paragraph and character styles are applied in your document.

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The Hidden Way to Highlight Styles

StyLighter main dialog (JS Script for InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6, CC)

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Cyclic GREP Styles

Color Cycle based on GREP Styles.

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Claquos 2 | Pie Chart Builder for InDesign

A Sample Pie Chart generated by Claquos 2

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Wordalizer | A Tribute to Wordle

This post is now obsolete. Please check out the new version of Wordalizer.

Wordalizer is a word cloud builder for InDesign CS4. Try now the beta version of this experimental script —inpired by the magnificent Wordle web tool created by Jonathan Feinberg.

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Web Color Picker

InDesign is definitely not a solution for web designers. For example, look at the Swatches panel, isn't it the worst tool to select or create “web colors” in the #rrggbb hexadecimal format? Fortunately, the ScriptUI elements bring a way to build our own “Web Color Picker”, interacting with the swatches.

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