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My First Extendables’ Script for InDesign

A few days ago, Stijn Debrouwere has disclosed Extendables, an unprecedented open source framework for Adobe ExtendScript. So exciting! This project will interest many script developers, especially those dealing with InDesign. “If you're doing any serious scripting, Extendables will definitely make your life easier,” Stijn said. “It includes some of the newer Javascript 1.6+ Array methods like forEach, useful shortcuts/monkeypatches and modules for logging, HTTP connections and creating user interfaces.” I tested for you this yet young but already powerful scripting catalyst.

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Operator Overloading with ExtendScript

Operator overloading in JavaScript is a controversial issue. Actually, this dangerous feature has been rejected in ECMAScript 4. However, ExtendScript allows you to override the behavior of many mathematical and logical operators on a class-by-class basis since CS2.

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Binary JavaScript Embedment (CS4/CS5)

The jsxbin format (“Binary JavaScript”) is a boon for developers because it enables them to distribute a script without exposing its precious code. The ExtendScript ToolKit (ESTK) offers an Export to Binary feature which instantly converts a human-readable js(x) file into jsxbin. InDesign can then interpret this file as if it were a pure JavaScript. The only (boring!) problem is that the encoded script is not allowed to load a persistent session through the #targetengine directive. Here is a secret trick to bypass this limitation with a single encrypted file.

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Can InDesign Script Rewrite Itself?

As illustrated by the YALT technique, it's easy —and powerful!— to let a script read its own bytes while it is running. We could even go further and get a script to update itself to achieve some advanced functionalities.

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