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Web Color Picker

InDesign is definitely not a solution for web designers. For example, look at the Swatches panel, isn't it the worst tool to select or create “web colors” in the #rrggbb hexadecimal format? Fortunately, the ScriptUI elements bring a way to build our own “Web Color Picker”, interacting with the swatches.

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How to Quickly Test a Sample Code

Sometimes you just need to test a short snippet without having to create and install a complete script. Suppose you want to check some object properties, or to evaluate a simple JavaScript expression. It is easy to write and interprete your instructions from the ExtendScript Toolkit, but it would be even faster to do the whole job from the InDesign user interface.

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Type your Code

JavaScript is often considered as a weakly typed language. It means —among other things— that we don't need to tell explicitly what kind of variables we handle, or what kind of arguments we provide to a given function. String? Integer? Boolean? In most cases, everything will work without ever declaring the type.

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