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An easy-to-use localization engine for your InDesign scripts.

YALT 2 | Your Scripting Localization Engine

YALT (JS Script for InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5)In August 2009, we introduced YALT“Yet Another Localization Technique”— as an alternate way to manage multilingual strings and automatic localization in our InDesign scripts. I use it in my everyday projects and I definitely abandoned the native ExtendScript L10N feature, which I believe is too restrictive and not so clever. YALT is a lightweight, quickly includable and easy-to-use tool. Month after month I improved the snippet with the result that it now has nothing to do with the original version! Maybe it's time to share YALT 2.1 with you. . .

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Yet Another Localization Technique (YALT) – Part 2

In the previous episode, we designed a light-weighted markup syntax for localized strings of any JavaScript based projects. Now let's see how to get a generic and simple access to those L10N data.

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Yet Another Localization Technique (YALT) – Part 1

When you need your script's user interface to be translated according to the InDesign application locale, the common approch is to invoke the localization ExtendScript feature. The process is pretty straightforward, except that —in a verbose UI— you will have to create and manage many “localization objects”.

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