Equalizer for InDesign CS4 is an all-in-one tool which allows you to pick up, swap, transfer and propagate size and/or location coordinates between objects. The script fits into the InDesign UI by expanding the contextual menu you get when right-clicking an object. Just install Equalizer.js in the Startup Scripts subfolder and you have the Equalizer features within arm's reach.

Did you ever want to “copy” the X/Y coordinates of a frame belonging to page A, in order to apply the same location to an object belonging to page B? Did you ever dream about propagating the width/height of a shape to all selected objects? Or about swapping in a jiffy a pasteboard component with a page item?

If your answer is NO, you probably don't need to download my script —and as a graphic designer you probably aren't snowed under with work. If your answer is YES, Equalizer may become your friend in a number of everyday tasks.

InDesign provides many handy tools for us when we want to redo something (Paste in Place, Duplicate, Step and Repeat, Transform again, Eyedropper, etc.), but curiously there are no direct means for saving and reassigning only the size and/or the location of an object. Equalizer rounds out this lacking feature by extending the InDesign contextual menu to Copy Coordinates, Swap... and Apply...:

Equalizer contextual menu.

A Preferences dialog is provided too, allowing the user to set and enable selectively which operation the script will perform:

Equalizer Preferences dialog.

Note: Equalizer requires InDesign CS4. It supports English, French, German and Russian UI.

Equalizer Animation Demo

The animation below illustrates the main functionalities of the script:

Equalizer Animation Demo


Equalizer is a “startup script”. To make the script available when InDesign launches (recommended), place Equalizer.js in the Startup Scripts subfolder.

If the Startup Scripts folder doesn't exist, just create it in the (user or application) Scripts folder. The application Scripts folder is usually located in:

• Applications:Adobe InDesign CS4:Scripts (Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5)

• Program Files\Adobe\InDesign CS4\Scripts (Windows XP and Vista)