Thanks to Marie Lebert, Equalizer 2.08 for InDesign CS4 now provides a localized user interface for Spanish users. Moreover, a script issue concerning measurement units has been fixed. Update now!

Spanish UI

Equalizer UI in Spanish.

In the 2.08 update, the UI of the script —contextual menu and dialog box— adds Spanish to English, French, German, Russian and Arabic. Those 6 language layers are integrated in the same file and the correct one is automatically loaded from your InDesign locale.

Mesurement Bug Fixed

Laurent Tournier from has discovered that eQ 2.07 cannot manage and restore properly the X- and Y-Location of an object when the user changes the measurement units between “Copy Location” and “Apply Location”. This was a serious issue when working with multiple documents having different measurement settings. Equalizer 2.08 implements a new coordinate storage method which fixes this bug.

About Equalizer

For more information about this script and its usage, see “Equalizer | Let's Copy/Paste Coordinates in InDesign!”