Wordalizer Pro English Interface (Mac OS)

Key features

• InDesign CS4 and InDesign CS5 compatible, Mac OS and Windows platforms.

• User interface: English (default) and French. (Wordalizer auto-detects your InDesign locale.)

Improved text parser including the following new options: “Minimum word length” (2–10), “Skip usual words” (on/off), “Find the rarest words” (on/off), and “Allow digits” (on/off).

• Support for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian source texts.

• Ability to parse text from the selected text frame, from the InDesign active document, from an entire book, from a plain text file, or even from the clipboard.

• Ability to manually edit the “weighted word list” before producing the word cloud (adding, removing, or changing words; tweaking their respective frequency).

• You can rebuild a word cloud from the previous word list without reinvoking the parser (session-persistent settings). You can even generate a word cloud from another word cloud (document-persistent settings) in selecting active word cloud in the Source panel.

15 themes (predefined color shemes).

See also: Wordalizer Frequently Asked Questions.

What you can do with Wordalizer

Wordalizer was not only designed as a “text toy,” it also opens a world of creative experiences in typographic design, infographics, and lexical visualization. It allows you to extract in a few seconds the significant lexicon of huge documents —novels, essays, handbooks...— available or importable in InDesign.

The 7-page sample PDF below illustrates some of the possibilities offered by Wordalizer using different text sources and languages. Click the following image to download the file (3,2 Mo):

Sample word clouds designed with Wordalizer (PDF, 7 pages)

Another advantage is that Wordalizer supports any font installed on your system, provided InDesign can use it too. Finally, each word of the cloud is converted into outlines so you can easily move the shape, change the fill color or the stroke weight, add transparency/blending effects... You have a full control on the final format of your work, at any resolution, including EPS/PDF for print, Flash XFL, SWF, JPEG, IDML, INX... No limit. Do you need to retrieve the word cloud in Photoshop or Illustrator? It's as simple as grouping, copying and pasting!

Try it!

The TRY version of Wordalizer is not limited in time, and allows you to build as many word clouds as you need. However, some productive features are disabled:

Try vs. Pro Version Comparison Chart

No time limit, no counter OK OK
Lexical Parser (new version) OK OK
Cloud Design features ALL ALL
Word List Editor disabled OK
Available Source Languages 1* 6
Previous Word List availability disabled OK
Session-persistent settings disabled OK
Document-persistent settings disabled OK

[* According to your InDesign locale. English by default.]

If you wish to use Wordalizer as a production tool, consider to purchase a PRO version license.

Installation. — The TRY and the PRO version are both provided in the same format, a single JavaScript js file that you simply need to put in your Scripts Panel folder. The script is instantly available in the InDesign Scripts panel.

Note. — If you cannot find the location of your Scripts Panel folder, run InDesign and display the Scripts panel (Window > Automation > Scripts). Then right-click the Application folder if you need the script to be used by all users, or the User folder if you need the script to be used only by the current user. In the fly-out menu, pick Reveal in Explorer (Windows) or Reveal in Finder (Mac OS). If there is not already a Scripts Panel subfolder within the revealed Scripts folder, create here a new folder named Scripts Panel.

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