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Need to manage clean and flexible pie charts in your InDesign documents? Claquos 2 for ID CS4 and CS5 provides a number of advanced features that neither InDesign nor Illustrator natively support. Today, Claquos 2.02 beta is free to test in order to detect bugs and improve functionalities before disclosing the final release. Feel free to bring below your feedbacks, reports, and ideas!

Claquos 2 User Interface (InDesign CS4 Win32)

Claquos 2 User Interface (InDesign CS5 MacOS)

Special thanks to: Harbs (InTools), Teunis de Jong aka Jongware, Peter Kahrel, Jean-Christophe Courte (Urbanbike), Loic Aigon, Laurent Tournier (Indigrep).