In May 2010, Mike Rankin demonstrated a crazy feature(?) only available in InDesign CS5: the ability for the user to scale, rotate, shear pages just like he can transform layout objects. Technically, this simply results from the introduction of the Page.transform method in the CS5 Scripting DOM.

So transforming individual pages was not possible in CS4, but we already had the ability to Rotate Spread View from the Page Panel, which indicates that Adobe engineers were already handling the Spread Coordinate Space through transformation matrices.

But, wait a minute! wasn't Spread.transform already exposed in the CS4 DOM? Yes it was! I wonder why nobody has paid attention to it:

Spread.transform(), an innocent method that we had not noticed.

Just out of curiosity I tried running some transformations on a spread. Translation is disabled but it appears that rotation, skew, and even scaling perfectly work—which means that InDesign can zoom much more than you think!

Here is a simple script to get unprecedented spread views in InDesign CS4 or CS5:

TransformSpread script for InDesign CS4/CS5.

UPDATE. — TransformSpread v. 1.1 now supports negative X-Scale / Y-Scale values:

TransformSpread also supports negative scaling.

So, what is the use? That's an excellent question!