Note. — The overwhelming majority of resources and sources I focus on are InDesign-wise, and available in English. In some cases, however, you will find Illustrator, Photoshop and/or Acrobat-related topics. Also, I may mention additional links provided in non-English languages. A table of pictograms and their meanings is placed at the bottom of the page.

Controlling Layout, Pages, Layers, Frames

Manage book covers and jackets001. Manage book covers and jacketsimage

HurryCover "Book Covers and Dust Jackets Made Easy"
User GuideManuel d'utilisation
Démo Urbanbike
Scriptopedia's Review
Buchcovers und Schutzumschläge ganz einfach
CoverBuilder (brunoherfst)
IdJsCoverCS5 (ocn.ne)
Make Book Jacket (danrodney)Twitter sources

002.Twitted by @indesignsecrets Move every object on every page toward
         or away from spine | Olav Martin Kvern

AdjustLayout (indesignsecrets)

003.Twitted by @axaio Streamline the creation and editing of
         layer-heavy documents

MadeForLayers (axaio)

004.Twitted by @indiscripts Selectively activate Illustrator layers
         within InDesign


005.Twitted by @tomaxxi Add custom layer sets automatically on
         document creation or later

tomaxxiLAYERS (adobeexchange)

006.Twitted by @indiscripts Enlarge the pasteboard where needed

PasteboardExpander (indiscripts)

Automatically add size labels (W x H) to frames007. Automatically add size labels (W x H)
        to InDesign frames

SizeLabels (rorohiko)
OverviewDirect Link
LabelImageSize (jongware)Direct LinkTwitter sources

008.Twitted by @gilbertconsult Create InDesign guides that are shorter
         (or longer) than the page


009.Twitted by @indiscripts Apply frame transform to image(s) then
         reset parent frame to 0°

RemoveGraphicFrameRotation (indiscripts)

010.Twitted by @tomaxxi Mark all Master Page overridden page items
         with custom XML tag

tomaxxiMARK-UP (tomaxxi)
Direct Link

011.Twitted by @CreativeProse Balance columns with vertical
         justification | James Felici


Create, customize and manage vertical rules between text columns012. Manage vertical rules between text columnsimage

InGutter (indiscripts)
Deal with InGutter "side-effect"
Corondeles automáticos en InDesign
Des filets personnalisés dans vos colonnesTwitter sources

013.Twitted by @loicaigon Easily switch artboards orientation
         in Illustrator

EasySwitch (loicaigon)
Direct Link

014.Twitted by @imartinho Allow multiple InDesign users to work on
         the same page simultaneously

LayoutZone (automatication)

015.Twitted by @gilbertconsult Add automatic “jump” lines in
         InDesign | Jongware

PleaseContinue (indesignsecrets)
Direct Link

016.Twitted by @scriptopedia Appliquez des traits de coupe à
         l'objet sélectionné | Loïc Teixeira

AdvancedCropMarks (scriptopedia)

017.Twitted by @vitajayne Fit text frame to content in Illustrator
         (and many more handy scripts!)


018.Twitted by @1PGBK Round off all object dimensions in
         pixels-measured documents

Roundhouse (github)

Having fun with Images, Graphics, Shapes, Colors

Speeech! | Easily create speech balloons in InDesign-based comics019. Easily create speech balloons
        in InDesign-based comics

Speeech! (indiscripts)
Quoted as 'brilliant script' by D. Blatner (indesignsecrets)Twitter sources

020.Twitted by @indiscripts Make pies (and more) in InDesign | Jongware

MakeMeAPie (forums.adobe)
Claquos BETA (indiscripts)

021.Twitted by @gilbertconsult Check for flipped images (and report graphic
         filename, page number etc.)

InDesignSecrets Post

022.Twitted by @tweetbruno Adjust image frame and resize it to page-bleed
         without moving its content

FitFrameToBleed (brunoherfst)

023.Twitted by @indiscripts Report all image coordinates & sizes of
         the active document | Jongware


024.Twitted by @KerntiffPublish Display a thumbnail list of pictures
         in a palette

PictureTaste (kerntiff)

025.Twitted by @scriptopedia Get a picture framing interface in Photoshop

PictureFrame (scriptopedia)

026.Twitted by @documentgeek Make pattern-filled text in InDesign

PatternMaker (documentgeek)
Text frame w/ background using MagnetoGuides

027.Twitted by @InTools Easily scale/rescale/unscale graphics

ScaleGraphics (in-tools)

028.Twitted by @indiscripts Batch-process raster images
         in InDesign | Denis Libit

TristaDPI (github)
Exchange (detail)

ASCII ME | Convert anything into ASCII Art in InDesign029. Convert anything into ASCII Artimage

AsciiMe (loicaigon)
Direct Link
ASCII Art mit InDesign (pixelstaub)Twitter sources

030.Twitted by @tweetbruno Divide frames in equal parts

FrameDivider (brunoherfst)

031.Twitted by @jctremblay Adjust colors, handle embedded images,
         and much more, in Illustrator CS6

Phantasm CS (astutegraphics)

032.Twitted by @AnzhelikaGerman Скрипт для Illustrator — Штрихкод EAN-13
         (Make EAN-13 barcodes in Illustrator)

BarcodeEAN13 (za-vod)
BookBarcode for InDesign (indiscripts)

033.Twitted by @sachaheck Automatische Nummerierung mit Barcodes


034.Twitted by @indesignsecrets Generate color swatch variants
         in InDesign | Jongware

Variations (indesignsecrets)
Direct Link

035.Twitted by @sbaril Use the SoftSkinning panel in Photoshop

SoftSkinning (vimeo)
Utilisez les panneaux PS de Stéphane Baril

036.Twitted by @amarie Make dot-dash-dot strokes
         in Illustrator & InDesign | Jeff Witchel


037.Twitted by @gilbertconsult Create fun 'sunburst' polygons in InDesign


Dealing with Text Contents, Styles and Languages

Automatically highlight styles in InDesign CS4-CS6038. Automatically highlight styles in InDesignimage

StyLighter (indiscripts)
Style highlighting, by Mike Rankin
Farbige Formate (absatzsetzer)
Avez-vous bien stylé votre doc InDesign ?
PerfectPrepText (jongware/kahrel)Twitter sources

039.Twitted by @CtrlPublishing Manage text changes in InDesign and InCopy

CtrlChanges (ctrlpublishing)
Official Beta Ann.

040.Twitted by @zwettemaan Edit the text of an InDesign document from

StoryTweaker (rorohiko)

041.Twitted by @indiscripts Calculate word count for an entire book

What exactly is a word

Domesticate Text Variables042. Domesticate Text Variablesimage

tomaxxiVARIprocessor (adobeexchange)
Custom Text Variables manager (kahrel)
What to do when ID Text Variables don't display correctly
Add User and Computer name Variables (loicaigon)
Direct LinkTwitter sources

043.Twitted by @indiscripts Enhance the title case feature

TitleCase (kahrel)

044.Twitted by @mathmagic_com Use an equation editor in InDesign and
         XPress (Mac OS X)

MathMagic (mathmagic)

045.Twitted by @indiscripts Paste contents into a document with respect
         to italics, bolds etc.

RichPaste (indiscripts)

Manage footnotes, endnotes, sidenotes046. Manage footnotes, endnotes, sidenotesimage

Dynamically convert footnotes to sidenotes (kahrel)
Dynamic Endnotes (kahrel)
Footnotes in columns (kahrel)
Brilliant answer to footnote question... (indesignsecrets)
Migration typographique des appels de noteTwitter sources

047.Twitted by @indiscripts Relax the international text capabilities
         of InDesign CS4 (and later)

idRTL (scriptui.com)

048.Twitted by @indesignsecrets Create non-latin placeholder text


049.Twitted by @KerntiffPublish Work on InDesign multi-lingual documents

ColourFullLanguage (kerntiff)

050.Twitted by @indiscripts Sort paragraphs using the Index feature!

Language-aware sorter LIGHT (kahrel)
Language-Aware Paragraph Sorter

051.Twitted by @InTools Work on right-to-left languages
         (Arabic, Hebrew...)

World Tools (in-tools)

Fine-Tuning Typography

IndyFont | Create OpenType fonts from within InDesign!052. Create OpenType fonts...
        from within InDesign!

IndyFont DEMO (jongware)
Create a custom bullet with IndyFont (indesignsecrets)Twitter sources

053.Twitted by @hds_ch Schrift-Eigenschaften
         auflisten | Roland Dreger

AppliedFont (hilfdirselbst)

054.Twitted by @indiscripts Find and manage missing glyphs in InDesign

Missing Glyphs (kahrel)

055.Twitted by @MichelVrana Turn on Optical Margin Alignment for all
         text frames | Robb Irrgang

FixOMA (github)

Check and fix hyphenation issues056. Check and fix hyphenation issuesimage

HyphenationChecker (kahrel)
GetHyphens (kahrel) †Teus de Jong
ReportPageHyphens (scriptopedia)Twitter sources

057.Twitted by @indiscripts Erstellt einen Schriftartenkatalog von allen
         Schriftarten aus dem InDesign Schriften-Verzeichnis

FontCatalog (destio)

058.Twitted by @jdsmithies Have fun with "the most amazing script
         for producing word clouds!"

Wordalizer (indiscripts)

Linking, Indexing, Anchoring, Sharing

IndexMatic | The most advanced indexing tool available in InDesign059. Create a full index from scratch!image

IndexMatic (indiscripts)
IndexMatic rated "exceptionally good" in InDesign Mag. (rankin)
IndexMatic's Frequently Asked Questions
Addressing exotic symbols such as ™ or ® through iX
Générer un index des auteurs ou des titres d'œuvres
Traitement des sauts de ligne forcés avec iXTwitter sources

060.Twitted by @documentgeek Show the content of an index marker

IndexToolTip (kerntiff)

061.Twitted by @indiscripts Fill in a Table of Contents using find/change


062.Twitted by @pierrelabbe Utilisez les textes conditionnels
        pour produire une table des matières


063.Twitted by @DTPTools Convert URLs to hyperlink (InDesign/InCopy)

URL2hyperlink (dtptools)

064.Twitted by @indiscripts Easily manage InDesign text anchors and
         get rid of orphaned ones

TextAnchors (kahrel)

065.Twitted by @sbaril Simplify the editing of text shared between
         multiple documents (CS6)

SyncTXT (adobeexchange)
CS5 version

066.Twitted by @gilbertconsult Break links between InCopy and Indesign


067.Twitted by @indiscripts Clone and synchronize objects in InDesign CS5.5


068.Twitted by @gilbertconsult Auto-populate article info from InDesign


Playing with Data and Tables

CSVtoTables | Use Data Merge to create a table069. Use Data Merge to create a tableimage

CSVtoTables (scriptopedia)
Direct Link (loicaigon)
Vrais tableaux InDesign en fusion de données (loicaigon)
Create a table for a directory (indesignsecrets)
Tips & Scripts par Loïc Aigon (branislavmilic)Twitter sources

070.Twitted by @indiscripts Copy table content without losing formatting
         of the table target | Dave Saunders

PopTabUnleashed (jsid)

071.Twitted by @pierrelabbe Opérez une fusion de colonnes via Grep


072.Twitted by @martinludovic Turn your raw data into finished documents

DocsFlow InCatalog InData (emsoftware)
InData | Added support for text anchors, hyperlinks...

SmartCellMerge | Make the Cell Merge feature much more convenient!073. Make the Cell Merge feature intelligent!image

SmartCellMerge (indiscripts)
Скрипт по объединению ячеек таблицы (adobeindesign.ru)
Tabellenzellen zusammenfügen (absatzsetzer)Twitter sources

074.Twitted by @absatzsetzer Transparente Konturen in
         InDesign CS 5.5-Tabellen | Martin Fischer

Original Post (DE)

Converting, Importing, Exporting, ePUBlishing

Improve your InDesign-to-PDF workflow075. Improve your InDesign-to-PDF workflowimage

Export InDesign book chapters to individual PDFs (kahrel)
MadeToTag | Prepare docs for export to accessible PDFs (axaio)
Make PDF sticky notes in your document (indesignsecrets)
Acrobat X Action Wizard for PDFs created with InDesign CS5.5
Create PDF forms with InDesign CS6 (adobe)
Création de formulaire PDF avec InDesign et Acrobat Pro
Idem pour CS4-CS5 (sbaril/vimeo)Twitter sources

076.Twitted by @indiscripts Batch convert/export documents
         (now supporting Interactive PDF)

BatchConvert (kahrel)

077.Twitted by @zwettemaan Get InDesign nested styles in RTF Export

TextExporter (rorohiko)

078.Twitted by @Markzware Convert Publisher to InDesign (CS6)

Pub2ID (markzware)

079.Twitted by @indiscripts Create custom links from text
         (Acrobat script) | Gilad D.


080.Twitted by @Markzware Convert QuarkXPress to InDesign (CS6)

Q2ID (markzware)
Win Release (CS6)

ePubCrawler | Generate fixed-layout ePUB (CSS/XHTML)081. Generate fixed-layout ePUB (CSS/XHTML)image

ePubCrawler (rorohiko)
Export all hyphenation points w/ ePubCrawler
Using templates and snippets w/ ePubCrawler
Porting text frame page geometry into CSS (Original post)Twitter sources

082.Twitted by @Circular_soft Convert InDesign books to iBooks in one click

CircularFLO (circularsoftware)

083.Twitted by @indiscripts Import Markdown into InDesign

MarkdownID (jongware)

084.Twitted by @loicaigon View InDesign documents on your iPhone

ADOView (applicationiphone)

Improve your InDesign-to-ePUB workflow085. Improve your InDesign-to-ePUB workflowimage

ID-to-ePUB Basics & Beyond slides (amarie/toccon)
ApplyObjectStyleByParaStyle (mariani)
Building eBooks w/ InDesign: Forced Line Breaks (carijansen)
Customizing ePUB files w/o cracking them open (lizcastro)
Lists in ePUB generated from InDesign CS6 (bilodeau)
Media queries in ePUBs (epubsecrets)
Using ID to adapt plain text for ePUB (lizcastro)
Scripts to fix indexing issues (olavkvern/wrightinformation)
Three must-have scripts for ID-to-EPUB (indesignsecrets)Twitter sources

086.Twitted by @sbaril Automatically rescale your layout
         for DPS renditions | Michaël Chaize


087.Twitted by @theindesigner Rapidly turn multiple PDFs into a set of
         DPS-ready InDesign files

CreateINDD (adobe)

in5 | Convert InDesign to HTML5088. Take your design straight from InDesign to HTML5image

In5 (ajarproductions)
J. Putney working on a ID-to-HTML5 solution (Original post)
In5 delivers HTML5 from InDesign (creativepro)Twitter sources

089.Twitted by @idguy Identify your InDesign file | Jongware

Identify (forums.adobe)
Direct Link

090.Twitted by @zwettemaan Easily deal with mutiple InDesign versions

Soxy (rorohiko)

Using Find, Change, GREP and Regular Expressions

Multi-Find/Change & Find/Change Attributes | Execute multiple find/change queries (plug-in)091. Execute multiple find/change queriesimage

Multi-Find/Change + Find/Change Attributes (automatication)
Two essential plug-ins for InDesign (gilbertconsulting)
Introduction to Find/Change Attributes (carijansen)
F/C Attributes, présentation (expertsgraphiques)Twitter sources

092.Twitted by @indiscripts Change text case through GREP

GrepChangeCase (kahrel)

093.Twitted by @indesignsecrets Get your job easily done with GREP and


094.Twitted by @indiscripts Capitalize lists by paragraph styles | Trevor


095.Twitted by @indigrep программа обработки текста запросами
         (Process multiple queries)

DoQueryList (adobeindesign)

096.Twitted by @indiscripts Use GREP to find the 1st occurrence of
         a word in a story


Discover Peter Kahrel's GREP utilities097. Become a GREP guru (thanks to Peter Kahrel)image

GREP Queries Manager (kahrel)
GREP Editor (kahrel)
GREP Style Report (kahrel)Twitter sources

098.Twitted by @tomaxxi Enable/disable all GREP styles in a document

tomaxxiGREPToggler (tomaxxi)
Direct Link

099.Twitted by @indiscripts Apply 'cyclic' GREP styles


Scripting, Extending, Programing your own Solutions

Learn how to automate InDesign with AppleScript100. Learn how to automate InDesign with AppleScriptimage

Introductory lessons from MacGrunt
Speed up the crawl: automate your slug
Property persistence only works in .scpt formatTwitter sources

101.Twitted by @indiscripts Explore the InDesign scripting DOM
         (full reference)

IdJsHelp (jongware)

102.Twitted by @indiscripts Track DOM changes from InDesign CS5.5 to CS6

Forum Topic

103.Twitted by @imartinho Run abandoned, older Javascripts
         in InDesign CS5 and later

MakeItRun (indesignsecrets)

104.Twitted by @zwettemaan Automate the processing of multiple ExtendScript
         documents via drag-and-drop

Batcher (rorohiko)

105.Twitted by @martinludovic Utilisez Configurator et Entreprise IT Tools


106.Twitted by @sbaril Use Configurator to invoke scripts
         (including via the HTML widget)

Configurator (labs.adobe)

107.Twitted by @indiscripts Invoke a library to achieve
         common scripting tasks

IdsTools (indd-skript)

Create nice and reactive ScriptUI interfaces108. Create nice and reactive ScriptUI interfacesimage

ScriptUI for Dummies (kahrel)
Overview of (and tribute to) "ScriptUI for Dummies"
On some inner workings of ScriptUI events
ScriptUI fonts facts (indiscripts)
Panels vs. ProgressBar visibility issues (milligramme)
Placeholder EditText & other considerations on 'onDraw'
How the AutoLayout Manager operates (draft)
My OWN ScriptUI framework (testing metric controls)Twitter sources

109.Twitted by @indiscripts Create a full catalogue of
         InDesign's icons (idrc)

IconCatalogue (kahrel)

110.Twitted by @indiscripts Run a script from an
         InDesign plug-in | Timothy Brand-Spencer


111.Twitted by @bobstucky Augment ESTK features and have a "Batch
         Export To Binary" menu

BobsESTKExtras (forums.adobe)

112.Twitted by @indiscripts Run a JSX script in ESTK from a
         command line (Win)


113.Twitted by @ADC_Adobe Promote, distribute and monetize CS6 solutions
         through Adobe Exchange

The New Adobe Exchange (blogs.adobe)

Meet Flex/Flash and build Creative Suite Extensions114. Meet Flex/Flash and build Creative Suite Extensionsimage

CS Extension Builder 2 (blogs.adobe)
Optimizing Flash performance (Keith Gladstien)
Drag-and-drop between Extensions & CS host apps (bobstucky)
Flex 3 component & framework lifecycle (developmentarc)Twitter sources

115.Twitted by @InTools Clone arrays in ActionScript (deep copy)


116.Twitted by @indiscripts Augment and process nested Groups (CS4-CS6)

Aggregate (indiscripts)

117.Twitted by @indesign_jsx Prototype pageItemsByLabel
         und manyPageItemsByLabel

von Gerald Singelmann (hilfdirselbst)

118.Twitted by @indiscripts Learn JavaScript fundamentals

Course for absolute beginners (BobTabor/msdn)

Master the JavaScript language (my personal selection)119. Do master the JavaScript languageimage

How I ended up enjoying JS (OmarGonzalez)
Five things they told you not to use in JS (fuchs)
Open letter to JS leaders regarding semicolons (izs)
Does JavaScript need classes? (zakas)
JavaScript inheritance by example (rauschma)
Paradigms of iteration in JavaScript (KrisJordan)
Recommended JS style guides and beautifiers (AddyOsmani)
The typeof operator problem (Andrea Giammarchi)
Object creation: learning to live without 'new' (KeithPeters)
A brief lesson on Scope (AlexYoung/dailyjs)
The magic __proto__ property (AsenBozhilov)
A few new things coming to JavaScript (AddyOsmani)
A primer on strings and string encodings (AlexYoung/dailyjs)
"JavaScript Allongé," (ReginaldBraithwaite/leanpub)Twitter sources

120.Twitted by @indiscripts Write fast and efficient JavaScript

Tips & tricks by A. Osmani (smashingmagazine)
Efficient JavaScript, by Mark Wilton-Jones

121.Twitted by @rauschma Categorize values in JavaScript
         (type checking and more)

Article by Axel Rauschmayer (adobe)

122.Twitted by @indiscripts Compile all subsets of an array
         into a new array

Multiple solutions suggested (forums.adobe)

Use smart and/or crazy JavaScript libraries (my personal selection)123. Use smart and/or crazy JavaScript librariesimage

Ratio.js | Rational numbers for JavaScript
Numeric.js | Perform sophisticated numerical computations
Moment.js | Parses, manipulates, & formats dates
Arctext.js | Curving text with CSS3 and jQuery
SlabText | jQuery plug-in for producing responsive headlines
Relevancy.js | A library for sorting/weighting strings by relevance
Font.js | Powerful font toolkit for JavaScript
AnotherJS | Another way to think JavaScript
JsExe | JavaScript compressor!
XLSX.js | Reads and writes Excel through base64 strings
Sql.js | Port of SQLite to JavaScript (via Emscripten)
Psd.js | Photoshop document parser in CoffeeScript
25 useful JavaScript libraries and tools (smashinghub)Twitter sources

124.Twitted by @140bytes Detect global variable leakage
         in 139 bytes!

by maettig (github)

125.Twitted by @ADC_Adobe Unit-test JavaScript
         applications | Dustin Butler

Jasmine (adobe)

126.Twitted by @indiscripts Use a typed JS dialect that compiles
         to plain JavaScript

TypeScript (typescriptlang)


Layout Invaders | Play Space Invaders in InDesign!127. Play Space Invaders in InDesign!image

LayoutInvaders by Philipp Geuder (indiscripts)
Layout Invaders DEMO (vimeo)
Source code (schlompf/github)Twitter sources

128.Twitted by @zwettemaan Generate unique Sudoku puzzles straight
         into InDesign

SudokuGenerator (rorohiko)

129.Twitted by @indiscripts Experiment the shortest-ever
         Aphorism Generator

Sample code (indiscripts)

130.Twitted by @InTools Access the utimate Web-to-Print solution,
         with full multi page support


131.Twitted by @loicaigon Use a Web Dev panel in Photoshop CS5 or above

WebZap (creativemarket)

132.Twitted by @gilbertconsult Cut, copy and paste with two clipboards
         at once in InDesign


133.Twitted by @indesignsecrets Freely change time...
         in Indesign | Peter Kahrel

TimeChange (indesignsecrets)

134.Twitted by @hackaday Write (unreadable!) JavaScript
         without using any letters or numbers!


135.Twitted by @gilbertconsult Package documents without the annoying
         "instructions.txt" file


136.Twitted by @indiscripts Replace the ugly InDesign CS6 splash screen
         by your own PNG


137.Twitted by @mericson Preflight and multi-export Illustrator
         layers/artboards | Matthew Ericson

MultiExporter Preflight (github)
Original Post

138.Twitted by @sbaril Install optional extensions plug-ins in
         Photoshop CS6


139.Twitted by @tomaxxi Easily changes layer style color w/ currently
         picked foreground color

tomaxxiFXcolor (adobeexchange)

140.Twitted by @scriptopedia Ajoutez un cadre photo personnalisé
         dans Photoshop

Encadrement (habaki/scriptopedia)
Aperçu de l'interface (PNG)


Main link, and directly associated links
Additional link(s) on a similar topic
Sample code, snippet, etc.
Finished script (not necessary freeware)
Extension provided as a CS panel
Plug-in, add-on
Global solution, stand-alone application
Tips and tricks, tutorial etc.
Reference, article, in-depth document
PDF document
ZXP file (extension)
ZIP file
DE / Resource available in German
ES / Resource available in Spanish
FR / Resource available in French
JP / Resource available in Japanese
RU / Resource available in Russian


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