Download Equalizer user's manual (PDF, 15 pages)

Quick Case Study

• Need to make all selected shapes the same size? Apply Equalizer's Width/Height Reset to on the Selection scope:

Resetting dimensions to a uniforme size.

• Need to multiply all dimensions by a determined factor? Apply Equalizer's Multiply by instead:

Multiplying dimensions by 125%.

• You can increase or reduce a single dimension as well, for example the width. Just deactivate the HEIGHT pane and run:

Only changing the width (by 75%.)

• Need to move all rectangles of the active spread—and only rectangles—by 10mm toward the outside margin? Apply Equalizer's X-Location Move by feature to the Spread while targeting Rectangles in facing-pages mode (symmetrical reference point):

Symmetrical shift applied to rectangles only.

• You can do the same with layout's guides. Select the Guides targets instead:

Symmetrical shift applied to guides.

• Need to repeatedly swap two selected objects? Just right-click and choose Equalizer | Swap items:

Instantly swapping items.

• Need to resize all images of the whole document by a same factor? Using the Document scope select the Graphics category (Contents target) and run the Multiply by task:

Resizing all images by a same factor.

• You can reset the “scaling factor” instead. Enter the desired percentage in the Rescale to field.

Rescaling all images to a uniform percentage.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg:

Equalizer's main dialog.

New features

For a summary of Equalizer's very new features, see “New Features in Equalizer 3”. You will discover:

    • Swapping stuff from the Context Menu or from the main dialog.

    • Sending coordinates to Equalizer.

    • Updating the reference point while copying.

    • Using the Page Side selector.

    • Fine-tuning the set of targets.

But, please, read the manual to take full control of Equalizer's features:

    • Mirrored reference point for facing-page documents.

    • Rescale to task (added in v.3.014.)

    • InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC compliant, on Mac OS and Windows platforms.

…and so much more!

Give it a try!

Equalizer's TRY version offers all the features of the PRO release, except it does not support the Document scope. If you need to use the plug-in in production, consider to purchase a PRO version license.

Installation. — The TRY and PRO versions of Equalizer are both delivered in the jsx format. You simply need to put the file in your Scripts Panel folder. The script is instantly available in the InDesign Scripts panel.

Note. — If you cannot find the location of your Scripts Panel folder, run InDesign and display the Scripts panel (Window > Automation > Scripts or Window > Utilities > Scripts). Then right-click the User folder and, in the fly-out menu, pick Reveal in Finder (Mac OS) or Reveal in Explorer (Windows). If there is not already a Scripts Panel subfolder within the revealed Scripts folder, create here a new folder named Scripts Panel.

More detail on installing a script in InDesign.

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