Awaited for almost a decade, Claquos 3.0 is finally available! This script builds and manages pie charts in InDesign, nothing more, nothing less.

Key features


• Manages up to 12 slices (PRO version only.)

• Supports InDesign CC (all versions.)

• 90+ color themes.

• Dynamic preview in the user interface.

• Can recover data from an InDesign table.

and much more in the user's guide (PDF) :

Download the manual (PDF, 20 pages)

Give it a try!

Claquos' TRY version offers all the features of the PRO release, except it is limited to 5 slices. If you need more, consider to purchase a PRO version license.

Installation Note. — The TRY and PRO releases are both delivered in the jsx format. You simply need to put the file in your Scripts Panel folder. The script is instantly available in your InDesign Scripts panel.

Purchase now Claquos Pro