To install or update the script, simply drop or replace the file PhysicalSize.jsx in your Scripts panel folder. Note that the script will automatically create and manage a special shortcut to maintain its specific component in the View menu. Hence you don't need to install it as a startup script … and in fact it is not recommended. A clean install of PhysicalSize is based on running it once from your Scripts panel as you would do with any regular script.

Note. — Should you encounter any error or symptom during InDesign's startup, quit the application and manually remove any file related to PhysicalSize in your startup scripts folder(s.)

The “Physical Size” menu item translated into other locales.

Once installed, the script can be run from the menu View > Physical Size. If no document is present, the title changes into Physical Size… and you can then enter a calibration stage. Otherwise, the menu action applies the zoom factor assigned to the active screen.

Calibration stage

The below animation shows the calibration stage in different languages. (Click the image to see the whole square.)

Calibration stage for the active monitor (shown in various locales.)

The full process has been detailed in our original YouTube demo.

• See also the inaugural article “PhysicalSize | Check Your Design At True 1:1 Magnification”.

• Special thanks to Oleg V. Martynov and Mikhail Ivanyushin for their help on porting PhysicalSize in Russian.