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140+ InDesign and Creative Tasks            You Didn't Know You Could Automate

140+ InDesign and Creative Tasks -- Top 2012 ReTweetsNew tools, new solutions, new ideas, emerge every day for and from InDesign and Creative Suite heroes. But strangely enough, most graphic designers and InDesign end-users still ignore—or cannot measure—the power of automation. As a kind of proof of concept I decided to start the year with a celebration of the most noticeable scripts, tools and resources that have shaken 2012 in this area. Since I use Twitter as a bookmarking platform, it seemed fun to compile a selection of links I've tweeted or re-tweeted during the last 12 months. This is also an opportunity to pay tribute to my colleagues, scripters, developers, trainers, and time-savers! Now make yourself comfortable and enter in the Productive Dome…

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Three Months of Tweets in One Cloud

What I tweeted these last three months summarized by Wordalizer 1.25 (PDF)