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IndexMatic 2.025 | New-Release Notes

Notice to all indexing experts! IndexMatic 2.025 for InDesign has just been released with an impressive number of new features and goodies: the Hit Report retrieves words and stats before indexing, the Query Editor has been entirely redesigned, queries now allow comments and cross-references, and finally IndexMatic's regular expressions support Unicode properties and five additional metacharacters “you can't live without.”

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My First Extendables’ Script for InDesign

A few days ago, Stijn Debrouwere has disclosed Extendables, an unprecedented open source framework for Adobe ExtendScript. So exciting! This project will interest many script developers, especially those dealing with InDesign. “If you're doing any serious scripting, Extendables will definitely make your life easier,” Stijn said. “It includes some of the newer Javascript 1.6+ Array methods like forEach, useful shortcuts/monkeypatches and modules for logging, HTTP connections and creating user interfaces.” I tested for you this yet young but already powerful scripting catalyst.

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