Equalizer 2.07 for InDesign CS4 supports five languages. The script now provides English (default), French, German, Russian and Arabic UI strings depending on the application locale.

Thanks to the “YALT technology”, it's really easy to extend the Equalizer's UI to various languages. In November, we provided the UI into German with the priceless help of Peter Kahrel, Martin Fischer and Gerald Singelmann. Next, Vladislav Ossipov from DesignGu.ru sent me a Russian translation of the localized strings. Then Mohammed Taher from InDesignYat helped me to translate Equalizer (v. 2.07) into Arabic. Surprisingly, YALT can manage transparently the Arabic Unicode block (U+0600..U+06FF) without right-to-left markers —however, I suppose this works only in InDesign CS4-ME.


Here's the Equalizer dialog box in Arabic locale:

Equalizer Arabic Interface.

The same in German (Mac OS) —with my special thanks to Kai Rübsamen (from HilfDirSelbst) who also helped me to fix various bugs:

Equalizer German Interface.

...and in Russian (Windows):

Equalizer Russian Interface.

How to get Equalizer translated into other languages?

It's quite simple! Email me —marc{at}indiscripts{dot}com— the corresponding strings from the following lines:

// Y Location ::
// X Location ::
// Location ::
// Height ::
// Width ::
// Size ::
// Shear ::
// Rotation ::
// Angles ::
// Swap: ::
// Apply: ::
// Copy Coordinates ::
// Unable to apply the coordinates: ::
// Unable to swap the coordinates: ::
// Equalizer Preferences... ::
// Equalizer 2.0 - Preferences ::