Script Directories & Collections

Script Directories & Collections

01 | KahrelPlus (EN): the famous Peter Kahrel's free InDesign scripts.

02 | Cristian Eslava's ID Scripts & Plug-ins review (ES): “Dándole de comer a Adobe InDesign — Más de 30 Scripts y extensiones”.

03 | Branislav Milic InDesign Scripting (FR): Huge ID scripting page of Branislav Milic (howtos, built-in scripts, resources).

04 | InDesignSecrets Scripting Subforum (EN): InDesign Add-ons (Scripts, Scripting, and Plug-ins).

05 | InDesign Scripting Ressourcen (DE): German review, by Gerald Singelmann.

06 | Mediabox CS Scripts & Plugins (FR): Creative Suite “scripts & plug-ins” subforum (Mediabox community).

07 | Exploring Adobe InDesign CS4’s Built in Scripts (EN): Overview of the CS4 “built-in” scripts, by Robert Underwood.

08 | Kasyan's Personal Website (EN): Cool Indesign and Photoshop script collection on Kasyan's new website.

Cool scripts (and reviews)

Cool scripts (and reviews)

09 | Custom PDF Export (EN): Export PDFs by slices from all or a part of your InDesign document (Loic Aigon).

10 | Custom Balance Ragged Lines (EN): Tweak the “Balance Ragged Lines” feature (Keith Gilbert).

11 | LoadScript2Menu (EN) | (DE): Link any script into your menu (Gerald Singelmann).

12 | Language-aware Paragraph Sorter (EN): Define language specific sort orders in a separate, editable, file (Peter Kahrel).

13 | Multiple Character Styles Script (EN): Script for marking text with multiple character styles (Thomas Silkjær).

14 | Equalizer Tutorials (FR) | (PT): Our script Equalizer for Indesign CS3/CS4 demonstrated on Urbanbike (French) and Incunábulo (Portuguese).

15 | Moving all page items (EN): Various ways to offset the components of your InDesign document (ID Scripting Forum thread).

16 | QuickOpener for InDesign CS3/CS4 (EN): the script that puts all your InDesign files at click (Loic Aigon).

17 | 3D Extrude Object Script (EN): An amazing InDesign ‘extrusion’ script, by the genius scripter Jongware.

18 | SetVisualCharSize (EN) | (DE): “Define cap- or x-height, not the slug”, by Gerald Singelmann.

GREP Stuff

GREP Stuff

19 | GREP Editor Light (EN): Write and manage easily your InDesign GREP patterns (Peter Kahrel).

20 | Grep & InDesign CS3, Mac vs. Windows (FR): understanding the generic meta-characters and the Posix classes (Indigrep — in French).

21 | JS match() vs. findGrep (EN): When JavaScript RegExp does not match InDesign GREP (ID Scripting Forum).

22 | Fill your cell with GREP Styles! (FR): Another great tip demonstrated by Indigrep (in French).

23 | Chaining queries and testing GREP expressions (EN): Run and/or test several GREP queries with one keystroke (Peter Kahrel).

24 | Building Blocks for Text and GREP Expressions (EN, PDF): One-page overview on the ID CS4 GREP submenus, by Marvin E. Sable.

25 | Adventures in GREP with InDesign CS4 (EN): 16 useful GREP search examples, by Michael S. Witherell.

26 | InDesign CS3/CS4 GREP Memento for your iPhone (FR, PDF): Gorgeous GREP cheat sheet including undocumented metacharacters (thanks to Laurent Tournier — in French).

Advanced Plug-ins

Advanced Plug-ins

27 | Blatner Tools for Adobe InDesign (EN): 100+ features making InDesign even better compiled by David Blatner (DTP Tools).

28 | ScribeDOOR for InDesign CS4 (EN, FR): Use InDesign international versions for occasional support of Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Indian languages (WinSoft).

29 | Lightning Brain ImageLibraryLoader (EN): Get a floating library-palette filled with images that are automatically retrieved from one or more folders (freeware), by Rorohiko.

30 | Indys Timer (EN): Timing your work on InDesign documents (Stanislav Antos).

31 | Zevrix BatchOutput (EN): Automate printing and exporting from InDesign (PDF, PostScript, EPS, JPEG, SWF, XFL, INX), by Zevrix.

32 | PDF2ID 2.1 (EN): The incredible PDF document conversion tool for InDesign, version 2.1, by Recosoft.

33 | Typefi AutoFit (EN): Now released as a free plug-in, AutoFit enables ‘soft-bottom’ text frames and dynamic relationships between InDesign objects (Typefi)

InDeveloper's Corner

InDeveloper's Corner

34 | QuickScript (EN): Quickly test your JS, VB or AS code into InDesign (Loic Aigon).

35 | AutoLayoutCreator (EN): Construction of UI-dialog by Automatic Layout (free plug-in — see also ScriptUIBuilder).

36 | “What's the future of Creative Suite scripting?” (EN): Crucial discussion about Adobe scripting on the Indesign Scripting Forum.

37 | “Flash UIs with InDesign CS4” (EN): Scripting Approach vs. Plug-In Approach clearly illustrated on prsync.

38 | “Understanding the Transformation Matrix” (EN): Good ‘TransformationMatrices’ tutorial intended for Flash guys but readable by InDesign scripters too (Trevor McCauley).

39 | Inject on the fly an image in ScriptUI code (EN): A Bob Stucky's killer tip to create/embed an image file (PNG) in your ScriptUI code — for advanced scripters!

40 | Persistence and Memory Leak in InDesign JavaScript: Another smart discussion about object persistence and memory leak regarding targetengine and garbage collection (InDesign Scripting forum).

41 | “How To Avoid Confusing File Duplications” (EN): How to avoid copying or shuffling scripts and plug-ins during development on Mac or Windows, by Kris Coppieters (Rorohiko).

42 | .bat Files with Arguments from InDesign JS?: The File.execute() method cannot launch ‘.bat’ file with arguments but the gurus have various workarounds...

Javascript Reference

Javascript Reference

43 | ECMAScript Language Specification (EN, PDF): Standard ECMA-262 “ECMAScript Language Spec.” 5th edition (December 2009).

44 | Eloquent JavaScript (EN): “Eloquent JavaScript, an opinionated guide to programming”, by Marijn Haverbeke.

45 | JavaScript Quick Reference Card (EN, PDF): Compact 2-page cheat sheet (BrandsPatch).

46 | JavaScript Object Notation (EN, PDF): JSON syntax, by Douglas Crockford (RFC4627, 2006).

47 | Regular Expressions in JavaScript (EN): “You Don’t Know Anything About Regular Expressions: A Complete Guide”, by Jeffrey Way (NetTuts+).

48 | “Mastering Javascript Arrays” (EN, PDF): All you need to know about JS arrays (free PDF), by Patrick Hunlock.

JavaScript: Beyond the Basics

JavaScript: Beyond the Basics

49 | “Learning Advanced JavaScript” (EN): The best tutorial ever about JavaScript functions and closures, by John Resig (creator of jQuery).

50 | “What are good JavaScript OOP resources?” (EN): Essential link compilation at Stack Overflow.

51 | Javascript Type-Conversion (EN): Converting and parsing native types (Boolean, String, Number), many tips and tricks on Jibbering.

52 | “The Death of if-else” (EN): Change your approach of conditional branches, by Aaron Feng. See also “More On The Death of If-Else”, by K. Scott Allen.

53 | “JavaScript and its love for zeroes” (EN): Demystifying the parseInt function, by Sergio Pereira.

54 | “with, the World's Most Misunderstood Statement” (EN): Must we see the with statement as a bad boy? (Andrea Giammarchi.)

55 | Functions as Namespaces (EN): ...“and How to Peek Inside”, by David Flanagan.

56 | “Inheritance Patterns in JavaScript” (EN): advantages of the “pseudoclassical pattern” over the “functional pattern” in JS inheritance, by Michael Bolin.

57 | “JavaScript for people who are in a hurry” (EN): Higher-order functions + prototypal inheritance, by Kai Jäger.

JavaScript Utilities & Reusable Snippets

JavaScript Utilities and Reusable Snippets

58 | JSLint (EN): A JavaScript program that looks for problems in JavaScript programs!

59 | Deduplicate any array in JavaScript (EN): Creating a function that dedups anything (UnScriptable).

60 | Sugar Arrays (EN): Porting JavaScript 1.6 Array methods, the famous “sugar arrays” (Dustin Diaz).

61 | “Sorting Values with JavaScript” (EN): A great lesson around the sort method, by Andrew Burgess (NetTuts+).

62 | JavaScript md5 (EN): Calculate the md5 hash of a string (from the great PHP.js library).

63 | “JavaScript comment removal – revisited” (EN): An incredible JS “comment removal” function, by James Padolsey. (Good way to improve your RegExp skills.)

64 | “String Multiplication in JavaScript” (EN): ...using the approach — by David Flanagan.

Interesting JS Libraries

Interesting JS Libraries

65 | JsPdf (EN): An open-source library for generating PDF documents using nothing but JavaScript (Google Code).

66 | XRegExp (EN): “The one of a kind JavaScript regular expression library”.

67 | Underscore.js (EN): “A utility-belt library for JavaScript which does not extend any of the built-in JS objects”.

Misc. (Flash, Flex, Air, PDF...)

Flash, Flex, Air, PDF...

68 | Adobe Flash Builder 4 (EN): formerly “Flex Builder” (Adobe Labs).

69 | Indispensable Plugin for Flash Builder: Flex Formatter (EN): by Grant Skinner.

70 | “Flex – Multi View Design Pattern” (EN): by Vinay.

71 | Flex Paper (EN): PDF viewing for Adobe Flex (Devaldi).

72 | Flex Frameworks (EN): directory maintained by Mihai Corlan.

73 | Flex 4 Bidirectional Data Binding (EN): by Holly Schinsky.

74 | “Compiling Actionscript 3 classes into a SWF with Flex Builder for use in JavaScript AIR applications” (EN): by Andy Matthews.

75 | JSInterface (EN): JavaScript API for ActionScript3 (Google Code).

76 | “Converting a Blogger Blog to InDesign Tagged Text with Perl” (EN): by Andrew Heiss.

77 | “InDesign to Kindle white paper” (EN): on Adobe Developer Connection.

78 | “Technology And Books For All” (EN): interactive PDF built with InDesign + Acrobat JavaScript.

79 | “Custom document search using JavaScript” (EN): Use Acrobat Javascript to customize a PDF search interface, by Thom Parker.

80 | “Using ant for Flex – A No B.S. Guide” (EN): on DispatchEvent blog.