Update 01-Oct-2016. — The beta version of Equalizer is no longer available. Give a test to the TRY version and check out the full documentation.

Update 19-Apr-2016. — New features of Equalizer 3.007.

Update 23-Jun-2015. — Version 3.003 BETA now provides a right-click contextual menu that allows to “copy” coordinates from the selected object to Equalizer, then to apply those parameters to other objects you'll select later. In the Advanced Settings panel, turn on the option “Auto-run on selection.”

The new version of Equalizer has been redesigned from scratch and is free for beta-testing during a few weeks. The process is very simple: specify the target objects you need to adjust, select the tasks to be performed (changing location and/or size), provide the desired values, then click the 'Run' button.

Equalizer's main dialog.

Equalizer scans the top-level objects of the current scope (Selection, active Spread, or Document) and targets the items that meet your requirements (text frames, spline items, buttons, graphics, guides, and so on). The user interface allows you to refine your targets on a very selective basis.

Give a look at the Advanced Settings panel (gear icon) for additional parameters:

Advanced settings panel.

Equalizer 3 should work in InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC, on both Mac and Win platforms. Download and install the script as usual. Feel free to report bugs or just feedback in the Comments area below.

Note. — The previous version of Equalizer (v. 2.091, CS4) is still available in the Indiscripts Temporary Archive.