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Coordinate Spaces & Transformations in InDesign — Chap.1-5

Six years! It tooks me six years to document the fundamentals of InDesign “Coordinate Spaces and Transformations.” You may think I am sluggishly slow—which is a sensible diagnosis!—but the topic required a true immersion to be both experimented and covered. Chapter 5 (“The Transform Process”) is now available and makes this version 3.1 consistent enough to form a kind of white paper

Download version 3.1 (PDF, 40 pages)

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Coordinate Spaces & Transformations in InDesign — Chap.4 (Draft)

Chapter 4 of our “Spaces & Transform” eBook is probably both the trickiest and the most important. It tries to reveal the intricacies behind the Scripting DOM resolve() method, the unique tool for setting and processing InDesign locations with respect to the underlying coordinate systems. I spent months figuring out its obscure syntax and improving my knowledge on that particular topic. Understanding the location resolver is a crucial step for developing scripts that can deal in depth with geometry and transformations in InDesign.

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Coordinate Spaces & Transformations in InDesign — Chap.1-3

Dealing with coordinate spaces and transformation matrices is one of the most obscure and underappreciated exercises in InDesign scripting and programming. The fault mainly lies with Adobe documentation, especially the Scripting DOM reference, which does not clearly explain the topic and some of its essential keys. The following document (PDF, Chapters 1-3) attempts to shed some light on the beast…

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